Summer Devotions


It seems like we are always pressed for time. And that we want everything right now. With e-mail and faxing we can get some things done immediately, but not every thing; and we seem to get impatient waiting for what we want. Whether it is service at a restaurant, results from tests, answers to prayers, etc. Did you ever stop to really think about how long some people had to wait or do without in the Bible??

Here are a few examples:
It rained for forty days & nights while Noah and his family and ALL those animals rode out the waves!! (Genesis 7) Moses was up on the mountain with the Lord for forty days and nights without eating or drinking water! (Exodus 34) Jesus was in the desert without food AND being tempted by Satan for forty days and nights! (Mark 1)
Forty days is a little less than a month and a half. Can you imagine being couped up in a smelly boat or going without bread & water for that long?!? I can't!! It's hard not to eat for 12 hours before a blood test!
Then there was the seven year famine in Egypt; granted it was after a seven year abundance, but not everyone planned ahead (that would probably be me!). (Genesis 41)
What were you doing seven years ago? What will you be doing seven years from now? I bet you didn't have half of the friends that you have now back in 1997; and you will probably have many more by 2011.
This, for me, is the biggie -- the Isralites wandered in the desert for forty YEARS! (Numbers 32 & Deuteronomy 2:7) Now forty years is a looooong time. You guys think that I am old, and I have only lived a little more than forty years; and most of you are barely half-way there if even that far! By the time most people are forty they are settled into their lives, not out wandering around trying to find it.

My point in bringing up all these events from the Bible is that God took care of all these people and HIS plan was fulfilled in HIS time. So the next time you make a prayer request to God, be assured that he is taking care of it in HIS time; which doesn't always coincide with our time plan! Believe me I know that it isn't always easy to wait, but we have to trust that God will work everything out according to His plan! (Romans 8:28)

Waiting in Him,
Debbie K.

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